Roxy Sass breaks for the weekend

May 18, 2012, 12:39 a.m.

School may be out for our friends at semester schools, but here at Stanford we’re still working, playing and getting hard. Roxy’s midterm schedule may be unrelenting, but so is her desire to party. And fortunately, this coming weekend offers plenty of opportunity — here’s how to get the most out of (and get the most action during) the next few days.


Durandom Hookup

What more could Roxy possibly want out of a party? No explanation needed.


Frost Revival Concert

Stanford Concert Network hopes that the upcoming concert in Frost will restore the venue, which hosted the Grateful Dead in the 1970s, to its former glory. Roxy’s more concerned with whether there will also be a revival of the 70s attitudes about free love. If so, there are plenty of conveniently located trees and bushes to explore en route to a little one-on-one exploration, and no need to be modest.


For those of you who missed Coachella, Frost Revival will be a great chance to channel the hipster inside you — but fortunately for those also trying to get inside a hipster, people will probably have showered more recently (Roxy likes it dirty in all but the literal sense). More into high profile than hipster? Roxy certainly wouldn’t be coy about hooking up with a member of Modest Mouse. She’s willing to accept a little competition — Roxy knows she’s the one who’s going to end up in the “little motel” or, more likely, a mega-fancy hotel downtown after the show.


Bay to Breakers

Every year, Stanford students make the pilgrimage to San Francisco to participate in Bay to Breakers. The event provides a pretense for every undergrad’s favorite hobbies: day drinking and wearing costumes.


Of course, the only thing better than putting on rally is taking it off. Bay to Breakers may technically be a race, but for Roxy, it’s more about the journey than the destination. After all the drinking and running around, not everyone reaches the official finish line — but there are plenty of opportunities to finish elsewhere. Have your own, private marathon somewhere along the course. Starting to feel that your current hook-up is a little stagnant? There’s no better opportunity to get some fresh air than by hooking up outside.


It’s definitely going to be a big weekend. Roxy’s got enough stamina … do you?


Looking to train for your “marathon” at Bay to Breakers? Roxy’s got plenty of experience. Schedule some one-on-one workouts at [email protected].

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