ResEd moves ahead with plan to contract Suites Dining to an outside vendor

Feb. 8, 2013, 2:17 a.m.
MEHMET INONU/The Stanford Daily
MEHMET INONU/The Stanford Daily

Residential Education officials have decided to move forward with their plan to contract operations of Suites Dining to an outside vendor, effective next fall. The move will replace the student-run nonprofit Governor’s Corner Dining Societies for the first time since Suites Dining opened in 1982.

Citing “years of mismanagement” and an inability to “stay in good standing to meet the food needs” of Suites residents, Dean of Residential Education Deborah Golder argued that the goal of transitioning to an outside contractor is to “protect that community and what that community thinks is important.”

ResEd has yet to begin the bidding process to select a new vendor. Officials say a “university-required process” will govern the selection of the vendor, with at least three or four vendors invited to bid for the contract to operate dining services at Suites.

The current chefs’ contracts are set to expire at the conclusion of this academic year, and they will be unable to reapply to work for the new vendor until the vendor selection process is complete.

Current students in Suites expressed discontent with the planned transition.

“I think it runs perfectly fine the way it is now,” said Elizabeth Stier ‘14, who added that, compared to other dining options on campus, “the food is awesome…the quality is far superior.”

Another Suites resident expressed frustration at the loss of student leadership, saying that the student-run dining gives residents a sense of responsibility.

Discussions about the role of students with regard to the new vendor arrangement are currently ongoing.

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