Sixty-eight students still unassigned to housing after waitlist round

Aug. 13, 2013, 2:55 p.m.

Sixty-eight undergraduates with guaranteed housing status have been left unassigned after the waitlist round of fall quarter 2013 housing assignments, while 130 guaranteed students were successfully assigned housing in the same round.

Last year, 56 guaranteed students – of a total of 142 guaranteed student applicants — remained unassigned after the waitlist round. According to Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Student Housing, all students with guaranteed housing status were assigned before the start of classes in fall quarter 2012.

In addition to the 68 undergraduates with guaranteed housing status, a further 67 students who are not guaranteed housing — either through restricting their choices or by having exhausted their guaranteed years — remain unassigned. Last year, 49 undergraduates without guaranteed housing remained unassigned less than a week before the start of fall quarter.

Guaranteed but unassigned students are assured of receiving housing by the end of the first week of classes, with further assignments to be given on August 15 and August 29 and subsequently on an ongoing basis from September 11. Those students still unassigned at the start of the quarter will have access to temporary housing, according to Student Housing Executive Director Rodger Whitney.

The waitlist cut-off numbers of 2866 for guaranteed males and 2882 for guaranteed females were lower than those encountered last year, when the cut-off numbers were 2988 for males and 2952 for females. Some students with draw numbers higher than the cut-off numbers may have been assigned to Oak Creek or — for students over 21 — to Rains if they had indicated they would accept those options, according to the Student Housing website. However, not all students who indicated that they would accept Oak Creek housing during the waitlist round were successfully assigned.

While Stanford “guarantees campus housing to entering freshmen for all four years,” according to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, 81 students were assigned to Oak Creek through the waitlist round. The University launched a special Marguerite shuttle service to the off-campus complex earlier this year in an effort to better connect residents to campus life.

The Student Housing website attributed the increased number of unassigned students to the large size of the Class of 2016, as rising sophomores’ use of Tier 2 applications may have crowded out Tier 3 applicants. This year saw increases over last year in both the number of applications for upperclassmen housing – from 4,169 to 4,287 – and the number of assignments, from 3,954 to 4,035.

No students without guaranteed housing – either because they exhausted their four guaranteed years or because they restricted their application choices — were assigned during the waitlist round. Student Housing will assign students unassigned through September 11 to any residences for which they qualify if they selected that option as their final housing choice, according to an email sent to students entered into the continuous assignments round.

Alice Phillips '15 is Managing Editor of News at The Stanford Daily. Previously, she worked as the paper's Deputy Editor, Chief Copy Editor, a News Desk Editor and a News Staff Writer. Alice is a biology major from Los Angeles, California.

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