Roxy Sass: In Search of a Muse

Sept. 29, 2013, 4:06 p.m.

These days, everyone seems to be talking about the fate of the arts on campus, but Roxy has always been more concerned about the art of the male form. You might say Roxy’s an equal-opportunity kind of gal – her taste runs the gamut from frat star to band geek – but recently she’s been finding herself particularly inspired by a more sensitive type of man. You know what they say about artists being good with their hands…

Here are a few of Roxy’s favorite places to pick up artsy boys:

Party on the Edge

At Cantor’s annual fall quarter event (Oct. 10), there will be almost as many hipsters roaming the halls as there are freshmen in CS 106A (another of Roxy’s preferred hunting grounds). A museum might seem like a strange place to cruise, but Roxy went to enough of her Art History 1 lectures to know that most famous artists had pretty frisky sex lives. Find your muse tonight, and take him or her back to your room for some modeling…a la Jack and Rose.

Art and Architecture Library

Big windows make this one of the prettiest libraries on campus, but Roxy just appreciates that it’s light enough to scope out that cute film studies major working in the corner. Check out the tables on the upper mezzanine – they provide a view of the whole room so you can spot incoming hotties while you are “studying.” And the stacks may be small, but they’re big enough to help you check an item off your bucket list – when you meet up in the freezing basement for some hanky panky, you won’t even need a parka with all the body heat you’ll generate.

Wine and Cheese

If you prefer a bit of alcoholic lubrication for your conversations, look no further than Kairos’ Wine and Cheese party, where alternative types converge to talk about how stressed they are and nibble on string cheese. It’s the perfect place to chat up a photographer or KZSU DJ if you can make yourself heard over the live music (and if you can’t, Roxy can suggest some nonverbal communication you can try…).


Roxy’s looking for someone to pull a Pollock on her sheets. Drop her a line at [email protected].

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