Roxy Sass: Full Moon on the Quad cheat sheet

Oct. 18, 2013, 12:50 a.m.

This coming week, Roxy is looking forward to what might be her all-time favorite event at Stanford: Full Moon on the Quad (FMOTQ). It’s the one night when it is socially acceptable to kiss as many people as you want, no matter his or her age (Roxy is not afraid to dabble in a bit of cradle robbing). Now, we all know that studying is not Roxy’s main activity on campus, but this is one cheat sheet she is happy to spend some time working on. Voila, Roxy Sass’ FMOTQ bingo board!

Eager students participate in Full Moon on the Quad. (Stanford Daily File Photo)
Eager students participate in Full Moon on the Quad. (Stanford Daily File Photo)

Here are a few of her top targets:

1. One person from each class (’14 all the way down to ’17, but, please, stop before Paly)

2. The Tree (or just a tree…)

3. A football player (Roxy can make him forget all about Utah… too soon?)

4. Someone who hasn’t taken CS106A (this one might be hard… if you know what Roxy means)

5. A sober monitor (Roxy likes to reward responsible behavior, especially when she is not engaging in it)

6. Tan-bark Joseph (or just someone who smells like apples…)

7. Someone who might take winter quarter off to work on his or her startup (quick, wouldn’t want to miss out on that…)

8. That bi-curious friend you’ve always secretly wanted to experiment with

9. Someone who swore he or she was only coming to watch

10. A senior humanities major (what follows might be the only “job” he or she will get this year)

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