Top five things freshmen have no idea about

Nov. 7, 2013, 4:43 a.m.

Like all freshmen everywhere, the Class of 2017 and I came in believing we had all the answers, but soon found out that we knew next to nothing about college. A month and a half later, I think most of us still have questions about Stanford. What follows are some that came up frequently when I conducted a brief poll of some of my peers (apologies for the Wilbur-centric worldview):

1)    Where is FroSoCo?

Admittedly, this is not a question every freshman has, because I’ve been told that some freshmen do indeed live in FroSoCo. But I can’t be positive because I’ve never been. Stanford needs to introduce a cross-campus exchange program. I felt like I had been to the other side of the world when I had breakfast at Lakeside.

2)    Why is there no water in Lake Lag?

While I must admit that Stanford was upfront about the fact that Lake Lag has no water, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m deeply disappointed it remains empty. Just think of the possibilities of having a lake on campus. We need to make this happen. I’m sure we can get some rich alum to pay for the lake to be refilled – I even have a particular one in mind. Which leads me to my next question…

3)    Who is John Arrillaga, and how does he have so much money?

I don’t even know how many buildings have his name on them, but it seems it’s, like, every other one. It’s actually quite impressive how generous he has been to the University. I’m also grateful that the food in his dining hall is better than the food in Wilbur (in my humble opinion).

4)    How do professors expect us to take midterms on tiny pull-out desks or lapboards?

I should have realized this was going to be issue on day one of a class held in an auditorium. But it wasn’t until I walked into my first-ever Stanford midterm that I realized I was not going to be able to take the exam on an actual desk. Writing essays on a 12-square-inch, awkwardly angled piece of wood is bad enough. Writing essays hunched over a lapboard is even worse.

5)    Where is the best food on campus?

This is the most important question, in my opinion, because it is the one that has the biggest impact on me on a daily basis. I actually care what the answer to this question is. So, wise upperclassmen, please enlighten me as to where I can find the best food on campus.


Give Andrew directions to Ricker Dining in the mythical FroSoCo, or shoot him the answers to any of these other questions at avogelegy ‘at’

Andrew Vogeley ‘17 served as President and Editor-in-Chief of Volume 249. He is a senior majoring in political science and hails from the great state of Texas (and he’ll be sure to let you know it). Outside of The Daily, Andrew is President of RUF, a Christian fellowship group. To contact Andrew, email him at avogeley ‘at’

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