Roxy Sass: getting it in abroad

Jan. 23, 2014, 10:59 p.m.

Study abroad can open up a whole new world for Stanford students — exotic locales, cultural experiences, but most importantly… new places (and people) to bone. Though she’ll always have a soft spot for the hard-ons of the SAE dance floor, even Roxy admits that sometimes it’s nice to get (some) away from campus. You don’t have to be studying in Australia to go “down under” — here are some of Roxy’s tips for how to make the most of your time overseas.

Meet the locals

Though the other people in your abroad group may be easy targets (at least they are for Roxy), it’s more fun to sample the local cuisine. Take advantage of the chance to meet an authentic member (wink) of a foreign country… the folks at BOSP will be so proud. Bonus: this kind of full “immersion” is a great way to beef up your language skills. How do you think Roxy learned all her French? Voulez-vous…

Weekend getaways

As any Stanfordite abroad knows, unlike on campus, weekends are not just for beer pong and midterm cramming. No, they are a chance to explore — and Roxy doesn’t just mean checking out the churches in Florence… a pied-a-terre in Paris is more her style. If you survive your sketchy Ryanair flight, treat yourself to a weekend of woohoo in a cute Airbnb.

Picturesque trysts

Campus may boast some exciting places to hook up (you know Roxy loves those Green stacks), but nothing can compare to the opportunities you’ll have abroad. Sexy dancing in Berlin disco clubs, kisses in the rain on Roman street corners… Roxy’s getting hot just thinking about it. Note: your bedroom at your host family’s apartment doesn’t count as exotic. Take it from Roxy — you don’t want to try to explain in a different language just what you were doing with those furry handcuffs and that cute Spanish boy from down the street.


Got too many requirements to go abroad? Voyage across campus instead — Roxy may not be foreign, but she’ll still have you speaking in tongues. Email Roxy for directions at [email protected].

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