Roxy wants that (Special) D

Jan. 31, 2014, 12:45 a.m.

Roxy likes to think of week four in terms of the French Revolution — it may be the worst of times (can you say midterm season?), but it also signals the beginning of the best of times. That’s right, Roxy’s talking about everybody’s favorite Stanford event: Special Dinner! These crazy parties offer the chance to bond with your house or club over fancy food and potent drinks, as well as the chance to follow up that dinner with some… dessert. Here are some of Roxy’s top tips for getting the d at Special D.

Dress for the occasion

Roxy’s a fan of revealing costumes as much as anyone (or more… just wait till next Halloween), but part of what make these dinners “special” are their wacky themes, so be sure to attire yourself appropriately. That said, if you can pull off themed and slutty, more power to you. Pro tip: try a onesie… you’ll be comfy and festive during dinner, but it just takes one zip to transition to the afterparty.

Bring a buddy

Special dinners always make for fun memories — the question is, who do you want to make those memories with? Roxy acknowledges the appeal of a fun, friendly plus-one, but let’s be real, it would be a shame to pass up this opportunity to make a move on your crush. Inviting someone to a special D can be an easy and casual way to demonstrate interest… and to let them know you might be down for a different kind of D later in the night.

Eat, drink and be merry

It’s no surprise Roxy loves special dinners, given how much she likes to put things in her mouth. With all of the yummy dishes and delicious drinks, though, proper etiquette is necessary. It’s always slightly nerve-wracking to eat in front of your date — Roxy recommends doing less chewing and more swallowing. As for drinking, make sure to stay frisky rather than faded… you wouldn’t want to pass out before making it to the bedroom for the last course.


Still looking for a date to your Special Dinner? Hit Roxy up at [email protected] — she can promise you a five-star meal. 

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