Letter from the editor: 122 years of Daily history, now online

Opinion by Jana Persky
Jan. 6, 2015, 11:45 p.m.

The Stanford Daily is proud to announce the official launch of our online archive. Every single print publication ever made by The Daily – dating back to 1892 – has now been digitized to become fully accessible and searchable online at stanforddaily.com/archives.

Since its founding, The Daily has provided a view of the Stanford community through the eyes of those who are living within in it. It is tremendously humbling to stand on the foundation of over 122 years of history, and even more fun to explore that history. With the launch of this archive, it has never been easier to reminisce about the 14th Big Game, understand how Vietnam protests roiled Stanford’s campus or relive the tenure of Provost Condoleezza Rice.

This project has been the result of over five years of effort – I am merely the editor lucky enough to be able to see the finish. It was launched and overseen by The Friends of The Stanford Daily, and we are always grateful for their continued financial and organizational support. Particular credit is due to Charlie Hoffman ’73 MBA ’76, who worked tirelessly to see the product through to completion, and Ed Kohn ’73, whose assistance was an integral part of the archives’ launch.

Such a remarkable trove does not come without costs, and we are always grateful to the students and alumni who allow The Daily to add to its treasured history. There are now opportunities for members of the Stanford and Stanford Daily communities to sponsor a volume or year and help keep this history alive, and we invite you to please contact [email protected] if you are interested in doing so.

Through the webpages of this archive, Stanford’s past truly comes to life. It will be an invaluable resource for historians, students, alumni and researchers, and we are excited to finally present it to the public.  We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions about the archive at [email protected].

Thanks for reading,

Jana Persky

President and Editor in Chief, Volume CCXLVI

Jana Persky is the president and editor in chief of Volume 246 of The Stanford Daily. She previously worked as a sports desk editor, news desk editor and managing editor of staff development at The Daily, and is majoring in Public Policy. Jana is a junior from New Canaan, Connecticut, who doesn't want to tell her mom and dad she likes the West Coast better. To contact her, please email [email protected].

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