Why Hillary Clinton should not be president

April 12, 2016, 11:59 p.m.

Women have long struggled to achieve resolutions in the electoral realm for years, even before Susan B. Anthony shaped the early days of the suffragette movement. Women’s efforts have been much like the Civil Rights movements in the Jim Crow era, down to the present day with glass ceilings crumbling and slowly disappearing; yet there remains a long way to go. Yes, of course, in time, we must have a woman as president. Just not now and please not Hillary Clinton. I’m sorry; she’s not the right woman.

For me, Hillary’s past is too checkered and her baggage too cumbersome, especially her actions as one of the “Senators from Wall Street”; her actions as Secretary of State promoting fracking in several nations; her voting record siding with the Republicans in far too many key issues disqualify her from being a true Democrat; her “dusting” several hard drives to conceal evidence; her refusal to release the transcripts of her talks on Wall Street; her fueling the flames of ISIS and militant Islam; and her describing Henry Kissinger as her mentor, a man who has toppled governments that led in one nation alone (Chile) to at least 30,000 disappeared people. Did Kissinger’s precedents in Chile inspire Hillary’s actions in Libya?

From an article by Eric Margolis in a March 7 op-ed entitled “Hillary Haunted by Libya”:

“Hillary Clinton, who is bankrolled by heavy-duty neocons, holds chief responsibility for two calamities: the overthrow of Qaddafi and Syria’s terrible civil war. Qaddafi had been restraining numerous North African jihadist groups. After his overthrow, they poured south into the Sahel and sub-Saharan regions, menacing western-dominated governments. We also learn that Clinton’s State Department green-lighted over $150 billion of arms sales to 16 repressive nations that had donated large sums to the Clinton Foundation — a sort of government in exile for the Clinton clan.”

Margolis’ articles on foreign affairs have been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, American Conservative Magazine, Houston Post, International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Toronto Globe & Mail, Gulf News, Chicago Tribune and the Miami Herald.

As if the above were not enough to quell anyone’s not-well-thought-out support for her nomination, all of this is underscored by Hillary’s being an unmitigated hawk, proven by her actions and her voting record. This all adds up to the clear conclusion that yes, we want a woman in the White House, but just not this one! Thus, we are, out of necessity, required to wait and also be resolute to wait until the right woman comes along.

Finally, after seeing him in action on the campaign trail, and especially listening to him decrying the eight years of Obama, Bill Clinton in and around the White House again might seem like getting two for one to some, but not at all to me, and I have met both Bill and Hillary. They just seem wrong and like part of the past, whereas Bernie speaks to the seasoned, somewhat skeptical, somewhat battered idealist that I am, because I am still focused on the future, with large consumer protection intentions and distinct memories of all of the newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 in a panorama of brilliant insights and choices of words.

As Managing Editor of the New Mexico Sun News, I harvested 38 of the best nationwide editorial page endorsements from over 650 total endorsements for Obama in 2008. Then we published our newspaper 10 days before the election with the front cover declaring Obama the winner! The media went bonkers and this became the top story on CNN for several hours. Of course, our cover headline proved to be accurate, and our decision to do this was thus vindicated.

The bottom line is that all of this may become moot, because, actually, the statistical truths of many old and many very recent polls show that Hillary would lose to Trump; this gives conscious and competent women voters no alternative but to support the most honest person possible for the White House: Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Bernie could pick Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for VP, but that selection would depend entirely on the electoral analysts, pundits and electoral bean-counters who will figure this out certainly before (and if) he wins the nomination in June.

– Stephen Fox

Stephen Fox, Gallery Founder in Santa Fe New Mexico since 1980, and
Founder, Facebook page Bernie Sanders: Advice and Strategies to Help Him
Win. 1969 graduate of Occidental College.

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