Letter to the Editor: On invited speakers

May 17, 2019, 1:31 a.m.

An article recently captured my attention concerning Stanford faculty members raising concerns and attempting to restrict student access to an invited speaker. Reading that Stanford University faculty members were in some way attempting to shield students from ideas is so preposterous as to be laughable.  Stanford is and remains a university whose faculty is known for encouraging exploration, not one that restricts it.

Stanford students must be free to probe deeply the depths of knowledge unencumbered by administrative prophylactics. Any administrator or faculty member seeking to restrict access is deserving of censure and ridicule. Every Stanford student, as a rule, contains the intellectual horsepower and academic fortitude to determine the worth of any argument. These Tour de France students are in no need of training wheels, and it is insulting to the body academic to suggest it. Furthermore, if any Stanford student feels that their sensibilities are too fragile to withstand scrutiny, I seriously suggest that they consider transferring to some other, lesser, play-doh-squeezing, finger-painting, nanny-state institution such as Cal.

Carl Camera, MS ’98

Contact Carl Camera at carl ‘at’ vinebranches.com.

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