Best places to party at the potty, No. 2

Dec. 2, 2019, 9:32 p.m.

Potty talk is no joke. In fact, after writing an article ranking the best places to party at the potty, I found out that multiple Stanford students had very strong differing opinions. With a campus of over 8,000 acres, Stanford holds many secret gems, including some of the best restrooms I’ve been to in my time here. This time, however, in addition to doing some more investigative journalism, I decided to take a page from the Management Science & Engineering majors and crowdsource. With a quick post on Instagram (@richcocacola), I simply asked my Stanford followers to submit their favorite places on campus to do their business.

These are their submissions:

El Centro Chicano y Latino

Every time I have used one of El Centro’s restrooms, they’re clean. Unlike the disorder of most dorm restrooms, you won’t find paper towels on the floor and sink in this restroom. They’re often quiet, and rarely do you find yourself using the restroom with someone else at any given time. It gives you the perfect chance to read The Stanford Daily or whatever else you do while on the potty. 

The Markaz

If you’re willing to go up a flight of stairs, the Markaz offers you another restroom haven. This restroom also often goes unused. It’s also incredibly large, meaning it’s the perfect place to dance and hype yourself up in the restroom.

Alumni Center

So, you got the big interview? If you’re sweating profusely and find yourself at the Alumni Center, you’re in luck. I personally love the soap dispensed at these restrooms because they’ll have your hands feeling really soft and smelling good. When you shake alumni’s hands, they’ll know you wash your hands.

Green Library 

You’re at Green Library — and you have been for what seems to be forever. If you need to freshen up before your study date, most of the restrooms at Green will allow that.

Roble Arts Gym

Out of the twenty submissions I received, six of them recommended the Roble Arts Gym. Do with that information what you will. The women’s restroom has been described to me like a type of sanctuary that is so immaculate that you’d actively plan out your day solely so you could use the restroom here.

The second floor of Tresidder Memorial Union

This isn’t the best restroom all the time, but it is reliable. When the second floor of Tresidder is buzzing, you might not find yourself alone, and it might get a bit trashed. However, most of the time, when there’s not an event going on, the hike up the stairs might be warranted.

Geology Corner

As a prospective Human Biology major, I spend a lot of time near this area, and as a result, I spend a lot of time in this restroom. It’s nice, spacious and the perfect place to take a ten-minute break in between the A-side and B-side of the core.

History Corner

If you’re on the opposite side of Main Quad, however, the History Corner wins. Its restrooms are cleaner, underground, and every time that I have been there, they’ve been empty. The facilities on that side of Main Quad scream Hogwarts and magically leave you in a good mood.


The restrooms at Y2E2 represent the ideals of engineering design. If you’re stuck in a meeting you’d rather not be at, these restrooms are the perfect escape.

Women’s restroom in Lagunita at West Lag

If West is the Best, surely that applies to the restrooms. The restrooms in this dorm are usually cleaner. I personally think it’s because it’s a four-class dorm rather than an all-frosh dorm. It’s definitely the reason why the restrooms are classier.

Memorial Auditorium

The restrooms at MemAud are more than okay. They’re the main show, and if you find yourself alone staring at the mirror, you might find yourself starring in it.

I heard someone say the fountains


Have fun partying at the potty, and remember to wash your hands! 

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