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Alex Durham
Salutations, readers. I love writing about local and national politics, how they impact students and how students can get involved at Stanford or in their home states. I also love having a good conversation about anything under the sun, so if you just want to relax and talk, don't hesitate to hit me up.

Who’s in your wallet?

This question of what we are willing to look past in light of other redeeming actions or historical context is not an easy one to grapple with. In the case of who we put on our money, we must use a holistic evaluation to ensure that we are not honoring people like Jackson who have such glaring atrocities in their past that should not be overlooked, no matter what.

Are Democratic candidates addressing climate change in a productive manner?

Now more than ever, climate debates need to be brought to the forefront of political campaigns and races. The Democratic candidates must be the ones to make this issue their priority in the 2020 presidential race. Not until climate activists publicly attacked the debates for giving too little time to climate change did CNN finally host a seven hour town hall debate in September, centered on candidate plans for climate change.

A call for environmental rights, not just advocacy

Coming to California has been a serious step up in environmental progressivism from Georgia. Being on a campus like Stanford’s has only increased this progressivism, and coming into this quarter I felt like a green machine in terms of environmental awareness. My PWR class this quarter, entitled “Who speaks for nature? Rhetorics of environmentalism and justice,” has been the metaphorical icing on the cake that has been my environmental evolution.

What 21 Savage’s detainment says about ICE

When I heard that 21 Savage was arrested last Sunday, Feb. 3, for allegedly overstaying his visa, I was both shocked and confused. The shock came as I realized that one of the most famous Zone 6 rappers of our time was being accused of not actually being born in Atlanta, and the confusion came…

Never too early to start your research

It’s about that time again — presidential bid submission time. In the past month, several prominent and some not-so-prominent political figures have announced their bids for presidency, hoping to get their names and agendas out to the public as early as possible. With these announcements come the inevitable public reactions — immediate comparison, criticism and…

When lack of funds leads to elimination of liberal arts majors

To me it always seems like the merit of a liberal arts degree is always in question. That partly comes from being friends with extraordinarily smart STEM-oriented friends who leave me wondering what skills a person with a degree in history or the classics could wield that are equal to their computer and math skills.…

Were our textbooks really that helpful?

Before break, some friends in my dorm and I were discussing the different types of educations we received from elementary school through high school. There were the expected differences that arose between private and public schools, but we also realized there were stark differences based on where we grew up. Three of us — from…

Nationally optimistic, locally disappointed

My immediate reaction after checking the polls late Tuesday night was a mix of shock and anger. Shock because it looked like the Democrats were being swept across the board, and anger because my home state, Georgia, looked like it was on the path to electing Brian Kemp (R) as its governor. I could hardly…

The good and bad of the midterms

There has been no shortage of advertisement about how important the upcoming midterm elections are. For the first time in several years, the United States could see a flip of the Senate in favor of the Democratic party, which would be a huge victory for them and a devastating loss for the Republican party. But…

You’ve registered to vote. Now what?

In the first four weeks of the quarter, I have been handed at least 20 “Stanford Votes” stickers and told not to forget to register to vote. On top of that, I’ve received emails about registering, I’ve had friends from other schools message me about it and I’ve read countless articles about the small number…
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