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Angela Yang
Hello! I love psychology, creative writing, Charles Dickens novels, tae kwon do, Simon and Garfunkel songs, trees, and winter. Usually I border on invisibility, but feel free to say hi if you see me around!

Stegner Fellows Gothataone Meong and Monica Sok read poetry and prose to a packed room

Stegner Fellows Gothataone Meong and Monica Sok share writings on the topics of identity, connection and intergenerational trauma

The individual: A concept of indefinite substance and blurred edges. For better or for worse, we are never quite separate from the heirlooms of our grandparents, the vernacular of our hometown, the history of our ancestors. For better or for worse, our identities are not products of our own making. On Wednesday, Feb. 20, two…

Gish Jen challenges cultural identities at Lane Lecture Series

The aging father who wants to feel wise again. The quiet girl who challenges the athletic, wealthy, confident alpha with her calm brilliance. The family that prefers the warmth of sweaters and cuddles over their futuristic home heating system. These are the characters whose lives Gish Jen shared with her audience at Encina Hall. While…
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