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Ashwin Ramaswami
Ashwin Ramaswami '21 was the Chief Technical Officer of the Daily from 2018-19 during Vol 254 and 255 and in 2020 during Vol 257. Contact him at ashwin ‘at’

The FoHo, misinformation and cybersecurity

The Fountain Hopper sent an email blast last week alerting students that there had been an “UNPRECEDENTED VOLUME OF PHISHING ATTACKS.” Additionally, FoHo claimed to identify “TWO MAJOR VULNERABILITIES THAT LIKELY ENABLED THE ATTACKS” and alleged that “STANFORD KNEW ABOUT EMAIL VULNERABILITY AND NEGLECTED TO FIX IT.” The FoHo email is deeply misleading. I will describe what happened, how the FoHo misreported it and the general implications of the FoHo’s misrepresentations.
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