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Chloe Chow
Chloe Chow '23 writes for the Arts & Life section. Contact The Daily’s Arts & Life section at arts ‘at’

Living in a virtual dorm

The second that I thought about the phrase “virtual dorm,” my mind was immediately taken to the fantasy land of Club Penguin. Imagine RAs setting up their own upgraded personal igloos to accommodate the masses of residents logging in and joining the Arctic server. An RA could host a virtual on-call where they would have…

The Asian image amid COVID-19

It's hard to accept change as the new every day. It is the human condition to thrive in familiarity: When I was living on campus and had to balance classes and extracurriculars and events, I would plan my days out to the second on Google Calendar. It was my best friend. Right now, though, our relationship isn’t as strong: I'm learning to live in the moment.
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