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Christine Delianne
Christine Delianne is a desk editor for The Grind section. She is a sophomore from New York and is studying communications and African American studies. She’s an avid runner and the most cut-throat Family Feud Zoom host you’ll ever meet. Contact her at cdelianne ‘at’

Expert calls to reform the attorney-client relationship

In general, working-class or other disadvantaged individuals are less likely to question or advocate for themselves in environments such as doctors’ offices or classrooms than privileged individuals, but this dynamic is inverted in the courtroom. Disadvantaged individuals withdraw and resist while privileged defendants defer and delegate to their attorneys.

On conducting: Interview with Ram’s Head music director Joshua Chang ’21

I recently interviewed Joshua Richard Chang '21, Stanford senior and music director of Ram’s Head Theatrical productions “The Addams Family” (2019) and “Pippin” (2020). Chang is billed to lead an online masterclass on Nov. 13 for musical theater conducting. Driving from San Diego to the Bay to fly out to visit his girlfriend, Chang called from the passenger seat of a friend’s car while on the road. We discussed conducting, his time at Ram’s Head and the state of theater during COVID.

Stanford, ‘Love Is Blind’ and quarantine

“Love Is Blind Stanford” fights to keep Cardinal love alive. Produced by Kellen Vu ’23, this adaptation of the original Netflix series introduces the former premise into the quarantine era: Can strangers fall in love without laying eyes on one another? But, amid the love triangles and flirtation, the jewel of the show is what it tells us about connecting with others while in isolation.

Love and other misgivings

In December 2006, my mom fired Grandma.  She’d returned home from a night shift to find a human carousel in her living room: my two sisters chasing each other in circles, each holding a half-drank bottle of cranberry juice, while I, six years old, sat cross-legged at their circle’s center, watching Sex and the City…
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