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Crystal Chen
Crystal Chen ’22 is an Economics major and Data Science minor from Taiwan. Contact her at chen1130 ‘at’!

Unconditional familial love on the front lines of danger

This was a father who would willingly stand in harm’s way, even with only a pillow in his right hand, to take care of his daughters and wife. I can’t determine what went through his head, but he shouted “who’s there?” preparing for the worst and ready to defend us from whatever or whoever may come his way.

Revisiting memories: The rain concerto

Rain is a familiar experience in every new environment. When I first moved to Stanford freshman year, I navigated homesickness with little understanding of the new country. Yet when winter quarter hit and the chorus of raindrops accompanied my quiet studies, I was reminded again that home was wherever I made it.

Thigh gap, culture gap, beauty gap

CW: This story contains reflections on eating disorders that may be triggering to some readers. At the beginning of fall quarter, I received another one of those emails to fill out a survey for an opportunity to participate in a paid study. I didn’t realize that I would be contacted by the Stanford Psychiatry Department…
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