Eden Gibson

Why I’m taking CS 106A

If CS 106A actually is a right of passage at this esteemed university, can I even call myself a Stanford student if I don’t learn how to code? Or would it be weak-willed of me to hop on the CS bandwagon without considering my own academic calling?

Why I like living half an hour from home

Because I’ve called Silicon Valley home for the past 18 years of my life, I thought that leaving the Bay Area for college would provide a refreshing change of pace. Accepting the ostensible fact that Stanford was no more than a distant dream, I set my sites on universities across the country, or at least…

Respect underappreciated staff at Stanford

Though Stanford has presented its fair share of challenges in the seven weeks I’ve been here, there’s quite a bit I’ve already begun to take for granted. Despite my egregious lack of a functional sleep schedule and failed attempts to dodge the insidious frosh plague, many aspects of my life have become much easier —…

Why feeling out of place freshman fall is A-OK

If I had to encapsulate the NSO experience in a few words, I would describe it as a potent, visceral blend of exhilaration and social anxiety. Exhilaration, because Stanford was no longer a figment of our undetermined futures, but the ground under our feet and the roof over our heads. But anxiety, too, because being…
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