Sophia Kim-O'Sullivan
Huali is a writer from the Grind thinking about majoring in psychology. As a Native Hawaiian and half-Kiwi she's interested in increasing awareness about indigenous and Pacific Islander perspectives. She's a devout Christian and spent a year in Japan as a missionary where she enjoyed hearing people's perspectives on religion and learning about Shinto and Buddhist beliefs. She enjoys watching cathartic cartoons, playing basketball, painting, going on long walks, and jump roping with her little sisters. She holds the household record for jump rope at 301 jumps.

Misportraying the Mormon faith

Recently, I flipped out in a Messenger group chat — a reaction I have experienced with more frequency lately. In this instance I was venting, somewhat unfairly to my good friend, over the portrayal of our shared faith. We are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In popular media, it…

Being American

Sophia Kim-O'Sullivan discusses how current American culture may alienate people who wish to become American, and push away those who already question if it's part of their identity

Abortion as a diagnostic of societal misogyny

Growing up as a Californian youth transplanted into the deserts of Utah, there were specific topics I learned to avoid if I didn’t want to be considered an oddity: politics, feminism, and race. Most of the time I managed to get along pleasantly with my ultra conservative neighbors, sticking to vanilla flavored subjects like the…
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