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Katie Buntic

‘Cats’: The musical that got declawed

“Has the moon lost her memory?” asks Grizabella, the Glamour Cat. Well, let’s just say that after seeing “Cats,” I wish that I could lose my memory. The new movie, based on the infamous Broadway musical, was a complete train-wreck, to say the least. I ended up seeing it with a friend because “Little Women”…

Please stop telling me I’m going to be unemployed

I have been at Stanford for a whopping five weeks. One of the go-to small-talk questions among new frosh is, “What’s your intended major?” I intend to major in English and based on people’s reactions, I’ve already gotten the feeling that humanities majors are slightly less welcome here at Stanford. For example: “But how are…

Are you skin hungry?: A review of Beyond Sex Ed

At New Student Orientation, all incoming frosh and transfers experience Beyond Sex Ed: Consent and Sexuality, promising to be “a transformative experience for incoming first-year undergraduates at Stanford, which features personal stories from current students, supported by a framework for thinking about sexuality interpersonally and culturally.” I, however, found the experience to be truly horrifying.…
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