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Kaylee Beam

Makoto Shinkai weaves magical, timely tale of climate change in ‘Weathering with You’

“Would you like this rain to stop?” a teenage girl asks the boy she just met, the two of them standing atop of an old building. Without waiting for a reply, she clasps her hands together, closes her eyes and sends up a silent prayer. Seconds later, the sky clears. In the new animated movie…

‘The Manic Monologues’ tells stories of pain and resilience

On-campus production highlights mental health and the stigma surrounding it “Insane. Incompetent. Irrational. Unhinged. Not capable. Are you f**king crazy?” After the lights dimmed, these words and other derogatory phrases were flung across the stage by cast members, culminating in a cacophony of shouting that was sharply cut off by the stomp of a foot.…
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