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Logan Welch

Hacking misconception: Addressing concerns about ‘Hacking Hate’

Hacking Hate has stirred up quite a bit of controversy recently, prompting incredulous tweets, angry Daily Articles, and countless sly GroupMes all offering legitimate concerns. This is something that the team and I regret and take responsibility for: many of these concerns might have been addressed if the project had been introduced in more detail. That’s why I want to explain Hacking Hate as I see it, clearing up any misconceptions and, most importantly, reassuring students that the project is more than the one-and-done publicity scam that many of us have come to expect from the administration.

On colorblindness and cancel culture

While I agree that to be “colorblind” today would be to ignore all of the ways that race continues to contribute to the organization and daily operation of society, I find cancellation to be hilariously irrational. If ignorance is the offense, why would a potential teacher intentionally and consistently put distance between themselves and the offender? Doesn’t this only incubate further ignorance?
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