Megan Faircloth

‘Nectar’ by Joji is sickly-sweet

Please allow me to break the fourth wall here for the sake of transparency: I’m completely enamored with Joji’s music, and for that reason I can’t promise that this will be a proper critique. I expect this to occupy some intersection between a musical highlight reel and all-out fangirling, sometimes vacillating between the two, sometimes blurring the lines between those categories, but I think any discussion of Joji’s music for me would have to begin with how Joji’s music began for me.

Mike Posner moves on

Not everyone has Mike Posner’s money and can afford to slug off the world as quickly as he did into the wilderness. But I think his words are important nonetheless. Before we are anything, we are human, and our time on Earth is finite and precious.
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