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Omar Rafik El-Sabrout

Fiction: Galal’s Parlor

Editor’s note: The Reads beat is publishing short fiction, poetry and other creative writing pieces. Send submissions to scotts7 ‘at’ Lunch is, actually, pretty early in the day here in America, thought Galal to himself as the bell rang and all the kids ran out of class. Some made a bee-line for the lunch-lines,…

‘Gris’: Gray never looked so good

“Gris” is short, with story gameplay between 2 1/2 and five hours based on play-through speed and time spent gawking and taking screenshots. But when you get to the end, in an environment akin to heaven, and the final cutscene ends, you'll feel that “Gris” was sweet.

‘BioShock’: A retrospective

Remembering and analyzing dreams with friends, particularly zany long-winded, well-remembered epic dreams, is an enthralling activity. The excitement probably comes from the fact that we remember fewer of them as students due to our extremely low average sleep quality, but that wasn’t always the case. At least for myself, I used to consistently have waking-up,…
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