David Palumbo-Liu

Opinion | Hooverthink, schools and race

Since we are in Black History Month, I thought I would comment on how in its prescriptions on COVID-19 policy, Hoover lacks not only a serious concern about race and class, but attempts to exploit the emotions of those who actually do care about those things, writes Professor David Palumbo-Liu.

Opinion | A Tragic Day at the Senate

The Senate’s failure to take on the task of independent research, their ready acquiescence to power, their timidity before peer pressure and, worst of all, their deployment of the most illogical, unfactual and bad faith arguments, is a stain on the Faculty Senate and an abrogation of duty.

Why ‘they’ are not ‘us’: Think-tanks vs. universities

The mission statement of the Hoover Institution is very plain — their work is premised on the belief that the actions of the federal government should be limited and that the “free market” is the sole best vehicle for progress and freedom. Where we enter into conflict is that partisan think-tanks are not universities, nor vice versa.
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