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Rathi Anandu

‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ is as timely as ever

“We’re not going to jail because of what we did. We’re going to jail because of who we are,” says Abbie Hoffman (Sacha Baron Cohen), who is the first to proclaim that the trial is political. Seemingly just another hopped-up hippie, Hoffman’s stoner self masks his truly scintillating wit and spunk. His earnest indignation often opposes the rather respectable Mr. Hayden (Eddie Redmayne), who would prefer to follow the rules so he can get back to the picket line.

No speed limit: ‘Ford v Ferrari’ shows no sign of slowing down

“There’s a point at 7,000 RPMs where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless. It disappears. All that’s left, a body moving through space, and time. At 7,000 RPM — that’s where you meet it. That’s where it waits for you,” says Carroll Shelby in “Ford v Ferrari.” The film’s two-and-a-half-hour runtime speeds past just like…

‘El Camino’: The return we didn’t know we needed

Six years after its finale, “Breaking Bad,” the drama about a soft-spoken chemistry teacher turned corrupt meth-cooking crime lord, is still recognized as one of the greatest television shows to grace the small screen. Yet what made the AMC hit special was its conclusion, which strung together the show’s loose-ends in an emotionally satisfying and climactic hour.

It was all a joke: thoughts on the ending of ‘Joker’

Warning: spoilers ahead. Thursday night. I’m tucked in the back of theater, wrapped in a fleece jacket, my eyes glued to the screen as Arthur Fleck chases a man down the pristine white halls of Arkham Hospital, leaving a bloody trail of footprints along the immaculate floor. Suddenly, the words “The End” appeared. For a…
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