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Sean Casey

Your vote matters

We make up the largest generation of voters in U.S. history. Because we understand the issues — we live the issues — and the country we will inherit is being formed right now. Because, should we choose to exercise it, we have the ability to shape America how we see fit.

Stanford: Make Election Day a day of civic service

Now more than ever, the Stanford community is being called to serve outside of the classroom. On Election Day, we should shed the ordinary roles of faculty, student and staff in favor of our shared role of citizen, our collective hope for the future. And no matter what happens this November, we’ll be a better university for it.


Liberals don’t have to default to the most extreme, disliked position on every issue, and what’s more, they shouldn’t. The Left wins when their priorities align with those of the American people, not those of NY-14. In the most important election of our lives, it’s a lesson Democrats can’t forget.

The case for a vote-by-mail election

Attacks on vote-by-mail are once again pounding on the door of the national discourse, and they’ve come to eat the franchise. So let’s face these zombies head-on (as arranged by Stanford’s own Jeeven Larson) and see just how well they fare in the real world.

The grown-ups

With catastrophe comes clarity, and it is clear now that the rumors of an America too beset by partisanship to function have been greatly exaggerated. It is clear now that the national spirit is yet alive, that the system doesn’t have to fail. Good governance is not a relic of the past. Tribalism is not the law of the present. Leadership is possible, compromise is achievable and the grown-ups are still in the room.

Nice guys win elections

What can we learn from Sanders’ shortcomings? There simply isn’t time for petty sniping or bad-faith squabbling, regardless of what Twitter might think.

Sounding the alarm

Imagine law after progressive law dead at the hands of the judiciary, not just in the Supreme Court, but in the hundreds of smaller, less prominent arenas, where the GOP’s brightest legal minds will quietly force a regressive, damaging, deadly agenda on the general public for the foreseeable future. Imagine having no recourse, no way to dislodge these judges, no way to impose the direction of the people onto its government. That is the world we will live in should Trump be re-elected.

The view from the twilight zone

It seems that some elements of the progressive electorate live in an alternate universe. Consider, for instance, a Daily op-ed published the Friday before last which claimed that “The Democratic Party stole an election.” If the all-powerful DNC really had the ability to rig this election, why wouldn’t they bother to do it properly?

Everybody hates Iowa

It’s finally over. After months of polling, punditry, selfies, steak fries and the most mismanaged electoral event in modern history, the much-vaunted Iowa caucuses have one undisputed victor: the Republican Party. Seriously. Nobody on the left went home happy, least of all the candidates — and really, can you blame them?  So let’s take it…
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