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Vol. 257 Editorial Board

Ethical journalism for a new age

In this extraordinary moment, we college publications must revisit professional codes of ethics and develop principles in keeping with the ethical reporting of protests. College journalism, like the media writ large, must be properly equipped to fulfill its mission of making as much information available to the public while minimizing harm. While most students are away from campus due to the global pandemic, recent debates underline the importance of formulating principles ahead of time rather than mitigating harm after it has already been done. We will outline key areas that college publications should consider. The answers to these questions need to be carefully deliberated on by each college publication, given circumstances that vary from the size of its readership to the composition of its staff.

A discounted education should not be sold at full price

Given continued uncertainty as to how spring quarter will unfold and the great pressures that Stanford's decisions have already placed on students, the University’s stance on spring tuition has been strikingly obdurate and insufficient. We call on the administration to lower tuition rates and change financial aid policy in light of the present circumstances.

Heed the administration’s guidance on housing

Experts do not always get things right, but few if any undergraduates can claim to rival the expertise that is direly needed to confront this pandemic. With the number of coronavirus cases increasing by the day in Santa Clara County, now is the time to place our trust in the administration’s guidance.
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