Annie Li
Annie Li is a high school student writing as part of The Stanford Daily's Summer Journalism Workshop.

The scar was on me, but the pain was on her

Grandma was like a mystery to me, like the moonlight reflected on a tranquil lake –– so familiar yet so distant. I knew she loved me, but many times I wondered if seeing me brought her pain. Behind her determined eyes and the deep furrows between her brows, I saw a woman who strived to break away from the traditional expectations of a Chinese woman, yet was still trapped in old values.

‘The stone is rolling’: screenwriting Stanford alumnae talk industry shifts in Arts webinar

The Aug. 3 “Arts Alumni: Live from their Living Room” webinar presented by Stanford Arts and moderated by Lauren Clark ’20 showcased the honest –– and oftentimes downright hilarious –– voices of the female screenwriters behind “Hidden Figures” (2016) and the live-action “Mulan” (2020), Allison Schroeder ’01, Elizabeth Martin ’00 and Lauren Hynek.
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