Anupriya Dwivedi
Anupriya is a Masters student at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford. Similar to her portfolio life, career and interests, her contributions to the Daily are also a motley combination of Arts & Life (Music, Culture and Theatre), Sports Photography and some News. Anupriya has moved to Stanford from Switzerland, where she was working as a strategy consultant. She has also been a feature writer for The Times of India, has published thought pieces on banking, culture and strategy and even won a National science fiction writing competition. Her writing wildly oscillates between the formality derived from her academic life (Neuroscience at the University of Oxford as a Commonwealth Scholar) and an irreverence from her culture soaked lifestyle in London and Zurich. When she's not attending theatre premieres in Palo Alto, or buried in GSB work, she also contributes to popular science journals or writes geeky policy memos.

Mona Golabek and ‘The Pianist of Willesden Lane’

On Saturday, the internationally acclaimed pianist Mona Golabek brings her widely celebrated performance, “The Pianist of Willesden Lane,” to the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. An inspiring true story, this triumphant piece of musical theater follows the incredible journey undertaken by Golabek’s mother, Lisa Jura, a young Jewish musician escaping from Nazi-occupied Austria…

‘Pride and Prejudice’: Popstars edition

Austen’s take on the chick flick formula: girl meets boy. Boy appears to be less than respectable doing less than optimal things. A cruel misunderstanding ensues. Boy then swiftly redeems himself, and the couple flourishes. As you can tell, this formula has been milked dry across multiple formats and stories. Thankfully, this TheatreWorks production, directed by Richard Kelley and featuring music and lyrics by Paul Gordon delivers enough to stop us from viewing it as just another musical.

Marika Hackman — triumphantly raw, defiantly vulnerable

“I don’t know what to do,You think I’m better than youBut maybe I did too,‘Cause baby there’s a line betweenyour faith and what I had in mind…” Poignant confessions of a self-sabotaging loner or ramblings of an egoist gleefully tallying up the number of lovers she let down? Wish I knew. What we do know…

Steering the Wheel of Awareness: The power of pause

The Contemplation by Design Summit is here with its 2019 chapter and features all manner of activities to help the Stanford community disengage from the relentless frenzied life on campus. Relaxation opportunities are offered through communal guided meditations, workshops and talks by faculty and external speakers. Events run from Oct. 29 through Nov. 7. All…

A trip down ‘Mark Twain’s River of Song’

“Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company,” declares Mark Twain, played by Dan Hiatt. TheatreWorks Silicon Valley’s opening night of Randal Myler and Dan Wheetman’s Mark Twain’s River of Song was far from hellish; the company was indeed spectacular.
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