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Cooper Veit
Cooper Veit '22 is an opinions writer and amateur Steinbeck scholar from San Francisco. Talk to him about the work and life of John Steinbeck, and contact him at cveit 'at'

Stanford is reopening, and that’s okay

In the four days since Provost Drell announced her decision to bring back freshman and sophomores for winter quarter, the plan has been met among students with a mixture of cautious jubilation and overt skepticism. But this is not March, and we really can trust even our sometimes-sorry administration to implement a data-driven reopening that is both fulfilling and consistent with harm reduction principles.

Stanford Existential Risk Initiative tackles global threats

The organization's goal is to prevent Global Catastrophic Risks (GCRs) — risks that threaten to destroy human civilization or drive the entire species extinct. Its current plans include hosting a speaker series of prominent people in the world of GCR-mitigation, as well as offering $7,500 stipends for summer undergraduate projects.

Palo Alto responds to defacement of Black church

In the wake of last week’s defacement of the historic University AME Zion Church in Palo Alto with anti-religious messages, local police have increased patrols of religious buildings, and the historically Black church has hosted a special Solidarity Sunday service to address the incident.

Drugging reported at Thursday party on the Row

A female student tested positive for a date-rape drug on Friday after losing consciousness at a party on the Row Thursday night, Stanford Police announced in an AlertSU notification sent early Saturday morning. It is unclear exactly where the incident occurred.
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