Kyla Figueroa
Kyla Figueroa ‘24 is a staff writer for Arts & Life and contributing writer for Opinions and The Grind at the Stanford Daily. She is from Stockton, California and is studying English with a track in Creative Writing. Her favorite subjects to write about are TV, film, books, theatre, activism, and lifestyle. Contact Kyla Figueroa at kfigueroa ‘at’

My frosh experience on Zoom

In general, starting college is a big adjustment. Workload intensifies, the environment changes, and you’re solely responsible for all your business. Starting college on zoom presents a different kind of challenge.

StanfordVotes and the 2020 election

The emergence of a more politically active university is necessary for the coming years, and StanfordVotes, along with other organizations, will help in this development. Motivating students to vote will create a foundation, leading to more awareness of our political climate and broader forms of community engagement.

The Daily’s Halloween movie picks

This is the movie that cemented rage zombies into our cultural lexicon, pivoting away from slow-shambling creeps and instead leaning into a fast-paced terror the whole way through. It’s a master of the spook that you can see a long time coming — and yet are still shocked by. “28 Days” merely uses the creepiness of its zombies as a backdrop as it delves into the horrors of our own humanity, lending us a long-lasting feeling of deep uneasiness.
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