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Kyla Figueroa
Vol. 260 Grind DE
Kyla Figueroa ‘24 is a Vol. 260 Desk Editor for The Grind and a staff writer for Arts & Life. She is a sophomore from Stockton, California studying English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Her writing explores complex topics in TV, film, books, theatre, activism, community and lifestyle. Contact Kyla Figueroa at kfigueroa ‘at’

Dear Diary: Our Love is God

Welcome back to Dear Diary, our second installment of a column regarding “Heathers: The Musical” at Stanford. In this article, we wanted to delve into how the show portrays love, have a conversation on what love looks like at Stanford and explore how our school’s culture regarding romance, sex and desire have impacted the production.

To all the colleges I loved before

High schoolers may have preconceived notions of what college may look like and, even before applying, what the whole admissions process looks like. Pop culture shapes these ideas, specifically what we see on the big screen, writes Kyla Figueroa.

My frosh experience on Zoom

In general, starting college is a big adjustment. Workload intensifies, the environment changes, and you’re solely responsible for all your business. Starting college on zoom presents a different kind of challenge.
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