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Paxton Scott

Governor allocates $20 million to enforce gig-economy bill

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his intentions to allocate more than 20 million to enforce Bill AB5 which will likely force companies like Uber to classify their workers as employees rather than contractors.

Reddit Co-founder, Congresswoman advocate for net neutrality at Law School event

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman and Stanford Law professor Barbara van Schewick agreed that net neutrality rules are beneficial to the public because they limit monopolistic behaviors by ISPs and encourage the free flow of information. According to the panelists, the public already recognizes the benefits of net neutrality, but politicians are slow to reflect public sentiment because of pressure from lobbying and campaign contributions.

Q&A: Stanford Management Company CEO Robert Wallace

To learn more about Stanford’s endowment, The Daily interviewed Robert Wallace, chief executive officer of the Stanford Management Company (SMC), which is responsible for managing the $28.7 billion dollar Merged Pool, the principal fund for investing the endowment.
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