Ruth-Ann Armstrong
Ruth-Ann Armstrong '21 is the News Delegate for the Daily’s Community Life and Inclusion Program, and a staff writer for the Academics beat. She is a sophomore from Spanish Town, Jamaica pursuing a major in computer science and a minor in economics. Between her classes and mid-afternoon naps, she enjoys learning about graphic design, laughing at SNL clips and getting to know the delightful people on Stanford’s campus. Contact her at ruthanna ‘at’

The optimum path

In general, life isn’t neatly time delimited like a typical school day, but it can sometimes feel as though if we are not on the fastest route, we will end up being late and missing out. The difference between the path of a person’s life and the path to my class is that my walk to class has a single defined endpoint, whereas a priori, life journeys do not. There is no way to trek a straight line life path if you’re not sure where you are going. This lack of predictive ability is a source of frustration and anxiety for many Stanford students when it comes to mapping out their college journeys.

Dinneny Lab examines plant growth

Led by plant biology associate professor José Dinneny, the Dinneny Lab explores plant growth in relation to environmental stressors, particularly investigating how plants' roots sense water availability and characterizing how plants adapt to low-water conditions.
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