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Sofia Schlozman

Pondering Bell’s Books

As a full-time university student, I tend to spend a lot of time around books. Sometimes, this means scouring source after source until I find the perfect piece of evidence for an upcoming paper. Other times, this means logging long hours in the stacks at Green, aimlessly perusing the titles on the bookshelves around me…

Trying my hand at reading the menu like a linguist

I’m a food person.  I always have been. When I was little, I liked to mix together all the condiments in the fridge into one, big, disgusting “concoction” that I would beg my parents to try. As I got older, I started organizing mock cooking competitions with my friends. Bon Appetit remains my favorite Youtube…

Reflections on book selling and book readers

When I was six years old, the bookstore in my hometown closed. My only memories of the shop are a display of cat magnets near the front register and a small wooden table stocked with paper and crayons. I would sit at the table for hours on end, hoping to create a drawing great enough…

Reads of gratefulness

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving break, Reads beat writers gathered together to share a read they are grateful for having in their lives and to reflect on its significance.   Sofia Schlozman, Contributing Writer (sschloz ‘at’ “If I Should Have a Daughter” by Sarah Kay: For a long time, I thought that…
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