A Year-in-Review: Looking back on 2015

Jan. 8, 2016, 4:24 a.m.

The Daily staff put together the top 10 stories of 2015 for each section:

Top 10 news stories


10. ASSU Senate reverses vote and passes Israel/Palestine divestment resolution

Despite voting not to pass a resolution supporting divestment from corporations identified as complicit in human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine, the 16th Undergraduate Senate reversed their vote in favor of the bill the following week. Groups on both sides of the divestment issue have been active on campus over the past year.


9. Admissions records accessed through FERPA

After the student-run email newsletter Fountain Hopper (FoHo) sent its subscribers a message in January detailing how to access one’s admissions records using the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students began to flood Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission with requests. Students began viewing their records in late February.


8. SAE loses their housing indefinitely

After investigations that began over a year ago, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity lost their housing indefinitely in May for creating a “sexually hostile environment” at their 2014 Roman Bath Party and subsequently breaking their probation and retaliating. The Daily released a full account about what happened in December.


7. Sexual assault task force recommends expulsion

In April, the Task Force on Sexual Assault Policies and Practices recommended making expulsion the expected sanction for students who have violated University policy on sexual assault. Its 30-page report also provided other suggestions, such as removing undergraduates from panels adjudicating those cases. Sexual assault has been highlighted as a major issue on college campuses across the nation, and Stanford, along with several other universities, is currently under federal investigation for its handling of sexual assault cases.


6. Brock Turner arrested on suspicion for attempted rape

On Jan. 18, former freshman swimmer Brock Turner was arrested and charged with five felony counts after allegedly raping an intoxicated, unconscious woman. Turner has now undergone a preliminary hearing, and two of the five counts against him have been dropped.  He has pleaded not guilty, and the trial is still underway.


5. Hennessy announces upcoming resignation

After more than 15 years as University president, John Hennessy announced that he will be stepping down in summer 2016. Hennessy has held leadership positions at Stanford for over two decades and is the University’s 10th president.


4. Students shut down San Mateo/Hayward bridge

Activism in several areas has shaped Stanford’s campus climate over the past year. One of the most memorable incidences of student activism came in January when 68 students and community members were arrested for shutting down the San Mateo/Hayward bridge in support of the Ferguson Action national demands.

3. CS becomes the most popular major for women

With Stanford’s location in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the University has had a large influence in the growing tech sector. Diversity in the industry has been a widely debated topic, so in October when computer science (CS) became the most popular major at Stanford for women, it marked a major milestone for the CS department.


2. Fossil fuel divestment sit-in lasts five days

The topic of fossil fuel divestment has been heavily debated on campus. With the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in December and a class of Stanford students set to attend the conference, the issue was brought to the forefront of administrators’ attention when Fossil Free Stanford held a sit-in outside President John Hennessy’s office for five days leading up to Thanksgiving Break.


1. Barack Obama visits Stanford for cybersecurity summit

Probably the biggest event at Stanford this year, the White House Summit on Cyber Security and Consumer Protection included a visit from President Barack Obama himself. From the ticket lottery leading up to the conference to the president’s keynote address, The Daily provided full coverage of the event.


Top 10 sports stories

10. Lakshman: Hogan comes full circle

It’s been one hell of a ride for Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan. Vihan Lakshman takes a look at his journey.

A Year-in-Review: Looking back on 2015

9. Two sides of the same coin: Garnett, Murphy forever bonded as “Bash Bros”

Josh Garnett and Kyle Murphy are known for their contributions on the offensive line, this year’s being one of the best Stanford has seen in awhile. Yet the Bash Bros are not just linemen: They are kindred spirits.


8. Men’s club lacrosse: A Cinderella story for the ages

Being a club sport that sees regionally-based popularity, the men’s lacrosse team hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. But the squad’s Cinderella story from the 2015 season and playoff-run is one for the ages.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 1.09.31 AM

7. Committed: #CardClass2015

Stanford football’s 2015 recruiting class was among one of the most talented in program history, bringing in such immediate impact players as Bryce Love, Quenton Meeks, Trenton Irwin and others that will be the faces of the Cardinal far into the future. Take an interactive look at why this class’s athletes were so highly-recruited and why coaches are so excited about this team’s future.

A Year-in-Review: Looking back on 2015

6. Austin Meyer: The Story of the Storyteller

Austin Meyer went from a bench-player to the scorer of the game-winning goal that earned Stanford its first Pac-12 Championship since 2001. But behind his journey on the soccer field is that of himself as a storyteller.


5. Master and apprentice meet again as baseball faces Cal

Mark Marquess is best-known for his 39 seasons staring down opposing coaches from the Stanford baseball dugout, but what many don’t know is that he acts as a mentor and father-figure at times to those very coaches as well. Cal head coach Dave Esquer played under Marquess at Stanford all those years ago, and even now, decades into the future, the duo’s relationship holds strong.

4. Park: Hail, Stanford, Hail

Do-Hyoung Park shares an ode on the eve of the 102nd Rose Bowl Game.


3. The hero Stanford deserves: Ronnie Harris carries Stanford with energy, leadership

Ronnie Harris is a huge Batman fan. But on the field, his leadership and energy have made him the hero Stanford deserves — the team’s own Batman.


2. Stanford softball in shambles after infighting, controversial resignation

Stanford softball had one of its worst seasons in program history on the diamond last year, but unbeknownst to many outside the program, the struggle in the dugout was just as great as the struggle on the field, as infighting and controversy divided the team and turned teammates on each other, eventually resulting in the departure of several seniors from the team.


1. Craig Amerkhanian: The mayor of Saw Wood City

The Daily takes a look at one of the most colorful coaches on campus, men’s rowing’s Craig Amerkhanian, the “Mayor of Saw Wood City.”


Top 10 stories in arts and life

10. A conversation with musical theater composer Michael Friedman

Following the cancellation of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” due to concerns voiced by the Stanford Native American community, Theater Desk Editor Steve Rathje sat down with playwright Michael Friedman to discuss his work and the ensuing controversy. The resulting conversation is frank and fascinating.

9. “Arboreal Architecture”: Exploring the visual history of trees

Visual Arts Desk Editor Eric Huang’s breakdown of Cantor’s “Arboreal Architecture” is well-observed and well-articulated. A concise analysis of both art and gallery space, Huang’s take on everything from pencil sketches to photographic prints is rich with insight.

8. “Hairspray” brings racial dialogue to the world of Stanford theater

A smash hit, Ken Savage’s “Hairspray” was the most-talked-about show of 2015. Equally worthy of note? Theater critic Madelaine Bixler’s discussion of the musical’s technical merit and its timely engagement with issues of race and class.

7. A new, anxious Americana in Halsey’s debut

In his first article for The Stanford Daily, budding music critic Joshua Seawell takes on Halsey’s flag-burning debut “Badlands.” An exercise in concision and insight, the resulting review skillfully walks the line between praise and criticism.

6. A “Joy” to behold

After a string of critical and commercial juggernauts, David O. Russell’s “Joy” was, for many, a disappointment. For staff critic Carlo Valladares, on the other hand, it was one of this year’s finest. With references to Leo McCarey and Howard Hawks, Valladares’ cinephilic review draws upon a love for Russell’s filmmaking and for screwball comedies, making all-too-convincing case for “Joy” and all it represents.

5. Netflix’s refreshing “Demetri Martin: Live (At The Time)”

Short, sweet and to-the-point, TV critic Ryan Holmdahl’s take on Demetri Martin’s Netflix special “Live (At the Time)” is an ode to great stand-up and a welcome deconstruction of shock comics like Louis C.K., who find success merely in “saying what we’re all thinking.”

4. The Outsiders come out swinging

Re-directing their attention to the oft-overlooked campus scene, Music Desk Editors Ben Sorenson and Clare Flanagan shed some light on a number of student acts this year — including rising star, The Outsiders. Profiled by Sorenson last spring, the hip-hop collective has only continued to expand and diversify since, meriting further coverage. Yet, Sorenson’s profile retains a certain “before-they-were-big” charm. Passionate and intimate, Sorenson’s profile is a music lover’s ode to music.

3. “The Room” director talks new sitcom project, directorial influences

Making the rounds for his then-upcoming sitcom “The Neighbors,” writer-director Tommy Wiseau (best known for his cosmic misfire “The Room”) sat down with The Stanford Daily to talk about education and influences, process and product. The resulting conversation is… informative, to say the least.

2. “Steve Jobs” weaves excellent tale of fatherhood, redemption

Perhaps the most anticipated film of 2015 for many a Stanford student, “Steve Jobs” met and exceeded expectations. Managing Editor Will Ferrer evaluates the merits of Aaron Sorkin’s portrait of the eponymous Apple co-founder and CEO.

1.  Frost 2015: A rave to remember

As much a prose piece as it is a concert review, Music Desk Editor Clare Flanagan’s account of the 2015 Frost Music Festival effortlessly captures the energy, atmosphere and beats of one of Stanford’s most memorable raves.


Top 10 opinions columns from fall 2015

10. Kim Davis and the Power of the Supreme Court

9. Ten Commandments for Stanford grad students

8. To practice what is preached

7. Europe’s “migrant crisis”

6. Talking about abortion without having a uterus: my best attempt to not be a dick

5. Why I’m not open to XChange

4. The politicization of learning Arabic

2. & 3. Super Tuesday: Planned Parenthood in the pro-life, pro-choice debate

1. My claim to Black feminism has nothing to do with you


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