Monday, May 23rd, 2022

2021 Fall high school multimedia journalism exhibition

The Stanford Daily proudly presents the best works from its second annual Multimedia Workshop for high school students. Over the course of five weeks, a cohort of 20 high school students, residing in locations from the state of California to the country of Turkey, came together to explore the intersection of journalism and media production.

Through a series of workshops, the students thought critically about sourcing, production and storytelling. They discussed these topics in small groups with both leading industry multimedia storytellers and renowned professors at Stanford.

By the end of the program, each student had pitched, produced and published their own multimedia project covering a topic of their choosing. Pieces include photography, podcast and video projects. The students presented and answered questions about their work in a showcase event to an audience of their peers and staff from The Stanford Daily.

Click on title or image to view the full projects.


Nature and Its Killers

Rayna Joohyun Lee

Unfinished Lay’s chips by the lake
Unfinished Lay’s chips by the lake

Different Places and Seasons, Same Innocent and Beauty

Elif Aslıhan Alp

A Mallard duck swims in Lake Çıldır, Kars in July 2021.
A Mallard duck swims in Lake Çıldır, Kars in July 2021.

City of Little Tigers

Elif Aslıhan Alp

A curious cat looks up to the sky.
A curious cat looks up to the sky.

San Francisco Fleet Week

Elizabeth van Blommestein

Five jets begin creating a loop together.
Five pilots begin creating a loop together.

Colors of the City

Elizabeth van Blommestein

Red lip street art on Via Bufano. The lip shines red while everything else is pictured grayscale.
Red lip street art on Via Bufano.


Uncovering the Different Layers of Immigration

Eva Chen

Imposter Syndrome: Declassified (Preview)

Kayla Cheung

Writing Legally Blonde (Preview)

Annabelle Change


The Business Entertainment Industry and its Future with Stanford Expert

Joanna Zhu

Bill Guttentag

Behind Stanford’s JEDI Committee: Felicia Smith and Michelle Odde

Maddie Wang

The Martinez Sisters: Endeavors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Payton Zarceno

The People Behind Bars

Lea Nepomuceno

Baltimore residents speak on housing (Preview)

Faiza Ashar

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