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Abeer Dahiya
Cartoons Desk Editor
Abeer is a senior majoring in Economics and Mathematical and Computational Science, a bit of a mouthful (he knows). He's been doodling powerful people's noses since grade school, and has since honed an acute fondness for behavioral econ, financial markets, classic rock, and politics in his home country, India. Contact the Cartoons section at eic 'at'

Cartoon: The Big Fat Indian Wedding

An explanatory note: Amidst the infernal tidings that the pandemic brings, Facebook has invested around 6 billion dollars into a heavily-indebted Indian telco. The special thing about this telco? It’s owned by Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest man and a friend of PM Narendra Modi. Facebook says the deal will help it expand its 400-million-strong Indian…

Why we must defend India’s democracy

There are several ways to begin a conversation on India’s democracy. The historian Ramachandra Guha calls it “unlikely” — he concludes his 900-page monograph on the history of modern India simply with the phrase “India endures.” India endures, despite it spanning dozens of genetically distinct languages, tens of thousands of dialects, ethnicities and cultures and…
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