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Jackie O'Neil
Jackie O'Neil '21 is The Daily's Vol. 259 staff development director and the former executive editor for Vol. 258 and managing editor of The Grind for Vols. 255 and 256. She's a Richmond, Virginia native studying political science, psychology and ethics. Contact her at joneil 'at'

Welcome to Stanford: A note from The Grind

You’re probably wondering when and where you’re going to find your place here, how you’re going to make this imposing institution the tiniest bit yours, what on Earth you’re going to do now that your parents and the rental car have exited the bubble. I don’t have all the answers. But I’d like to make a suggestion.

Learning from the past in the present

On a fictional presidential debate stage, President Bartlet of “The West Wing” made a bold assertion: “Every once in a while, there’s a day with an absolute right and an absolute wrong. But those days almost always include body counts.” After this past weekend, Virginians like myself can confidently offer up an amendment: even in the…

21 thoughts football newbies will have at Big Game

Whether you’ll be making the trek up to Berkeley or escaping the still-questionable air quality at a watch party, the 121st Big Game is upon us. With the pressure of finals on hiatus for one much-anticipated week of break, Saturday’s game is perfectly timed to attract fans of all intensities and levels of knowledge. For some, the game is just one of many opportunities to don body paint and cheer on the Card with routine fervor.

20 thoughts I had while rolling out new Daily writers

My phone’s default alarm setting, a muffled trill under my pillow, sounds particularly irritating at 4:30 in the morning. I quickly shut it off, mumbling a quick prayer that my roommate hasn’t been similarly jolted awake in the other half of our two-room double. In the next few minutes I stumble out of bed, clumsily…

The metamorphosis of my coffee order

I was born and raised a Frappuccino girl. I entered adolescence at a time when the middle school cultural scene was dominated by poorly plucked eyebrows (often badly drawn back on with muddy eyeshadow), all-purpose outfits consisting of soccer shorts and an inevitably clashing Aeropostale blouse, and egregious overuse of the Clarendon Instagram filter. As…

By the numbers: My failed resolutions from freshman year

As anyone who has studied for a PSYCH 70 final can tell you, we tend to regret the things we didn’t do more than we regret all of the embarrassing, guilt-inducing or downright idiotic things that we’ve actually done. Whatever the psychological explanation for this phenomenon, it certainly seems to ring true as I look…

Things I learned embarrassingly late

As my first year at Stanford winds down, I’ve started to engage in all the typical nostalgic reminiscing about the last nine months. Looking back on all of my experiences, connections and growth since September, it’s clear that I learned an incredible amount along the way. However, some things took a bit longer than others.…

How are you? It’s Week Nine.

Great! Fine. Alright. Tired. Hanging in there. Pretty good. Asking “how are you?” typically yields a short filler response and a quick reciprocation of the question. Outside of Stanford, you can generally expect people to estimate their moods with phrases similar to the above samples. However, here on Campus, students have picked up a new…
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