Kate Selig
Kate Selig '23 is a news managing editor. Questions, comments, concerns? Send her an email at kselig 'at' stanford.edu.

Explore Stanford’s Student Title IX Investigation & Hearing Process

Stanford’s Student Title IX Investigation & Hearing Process (Student Title IX Process) outlines the University’s policies and process in reviewing and adjudicating sexual violence allegations made against students. The policy has been criticized by students and faculty on multiple grounds, including those surrounding counseling, attorney time, the definition of sexual assault and expulsions.

Undergraduate Senate urges University to increase summer housing affordability

At its last meeting of the year, the 21st Undergraduate Senate unanimously approved a resolution encouraging the University to provide summer housing for on-campus students at lower-than-usual cost given the financial pressures and travel restrictions resulting from the global pandemic. Senator Mià Bahr ’22 also spoke to her past anti-Israel tweets, which have been criticized by the Stanford College Republicans (SCR), as Bahr faces re-election this week.
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