Weekend Roundup email newsletter: April 5 edition

April 5, 2020, 10:39 a.m.

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Weekend Roundup email newsletter: April 5 edition


Meier Hall
Provost Persis Drell announced this week that all on-campus summer residential programs are canceled, and Summer Session will be online only. The loss of summer revenue comes as the University braces for financial challenges, with contract workers and graduate students facing the fallout. Over 100 employees contracted through UG2 will be laid off by the end of April, and grad students worry that they won’t receive sufficient funding this summer.

On Friday, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Harry Elam announced that the Sophomore College and Arts Intensive residential programs would be canceled, too — a decision that doesn’t bode well for fall quarter. The cancellation of Sophomore College is because “the university does not feel that they can commit to bringing SoCo students physically to campus in the first three weeks of September,” according to an email from Stanford Introductory Studies Associate Director Dayo Mitchell.

What’s more, all of Residential Education’s plans for fall quarter “are on hold until further notice,” including student staff training, pre-assignment and the Draw, according to an email sent to student residential staff.

In a rare bit of good news, Stanford has committed to holding an on-campus commencement ceremony for the class of 2020 “at some point in the future.” The University also plans to “recognize and celebrate” graduates in June “at a distance.”
The volunteers pose with colorful signs, standing a safe, CDC-approved six feet apart.
Despite widespread shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) that have left doctors and nurses scrambling for homemade alternatives, Stanford Hospital administrators say that they have maintained a steady supply of N95 respirators and other necessary equipment to their front-line workers.

Still, a group of Stanford medical and business students are taking matters into their own (gloved) hands: Their PPE drive at the Stanford Shopping Center last weekend netted more than 4,000 N95 respirators and 10,000 surgical masks for local hospitals and clinics.

Meanwhile, a Stanford-led research team may have found a way to safely disinfect N95 respirators, potentially enabling reuse of the single-use masks that are currently running dangerously low across the country. Using 30-minute exposures to 75 °C, the researchers were able to disinfect respirator fabric contaminated with E. coli up to 20 times without a loss of filtration efficiency and mechanical deformation. However, the team is careful to note that its work is still in progress, and it isn’t recommending its findings to hospitals just yet.
A view of the 'Bay Area School Meal Pick ups' map
The Stanford community is rallying to help food-insecure students and their families across the Bay Area. A team of undergraduate and graduate students has created an interactive map showing where Bay Area children can receive free meals while schools are closed. Residential & Dining Enterprises’ April food pantry pop-up is going forward as well, albeit with modifications to promote social distancing and prevent coronavirus’ spread.

A Stanford professor and a local restaurateur have joined forces to create Meals with Gratitude, an organization providing free meals to Stanford Hospital staff working amid the coronavirus outbreak. Two weeks after its founding, Meals of Gratitude has raised more than $60,000 and is now serving 1,000 meals a week to Stanford Health Care workers.

ASSU senator Martin Altenburg '21, a candidate for ASSU exec, sits at a Senate meeting
For the latest coronavirus updates, follow along with The Daily’s live blog, which includes a map of confirmed cases and a timeline of Stanford’s response to the outbreak.

  • After the Faculty Senate voted to institute mandatory S/NC next quarter, The Daily is compiling a list of all of the departments accepting S/NC courses for degree program requirements this spring.

  • Stanford Medicine researchers have tested over 3,200 people for COVID-19 antibodies, in a novel attempt to determine the virus’ spread in Santa Clara County.

  • Student government elections are being postponed, either to later this spring or to fall quarter.

  • The NCAA is granting an additional year of eligibility to all spring athletes, whose seasons were cut short or cancelled due to COVID-19 precautions earlier this month.

  • Stanford computer science professors are offering an online version of the popular intro class CS106A that will be free and available to the public this spring.

  • Stanford is beginning to pack up students’ rooms to make space for healthcare workers and people awaiting COVID-19 test results.

  • Some undergraduates left on campus are being reassigned to new residences — and a lot of them aren’t happy about it.

  • Several Stanford track and field athletes engaged in a “non-sanctioned, off-site training activity” amid COVID-19-related restrictions, according to a Stanford Athletics spokesperson


    Drawing by Grind contributor Helena Zhang
    In Opinions, Sun Paik grieves for the “specific and strange joy” of the senior spring the class of 2020 will never get to have. In The Grind, Helena Zhang searches for hope amid the pandemic. And in Arts & Life, Mark York and Nitish Vaidyanathan recommend movies to stream during quarantine.

    Once you’re finished reading, our editors want to hear from you: Vote for the Stanford Athlete of the Year on Twitter, submit a haiku about your experiences sheltering in place or tell us how the coronavirus pandemic has affected your pursuits in the arts.

    Over the past few weeks, as coronavirus has upended Stanford life, our News section has brought you coverage of University updates, Stanford affiliates testing positive, issues facing campus workers and more. Our Opinions and Grind sections have showcased student voices on what it means to lose spring quarter. Our Arts & Life section has chronicled how social distancing is changing the arts world. Our Sports section has provided some escape from a suddenly sports-free world, and our Satire section has brought some much-needed levity to an uncertain, unsettling time.

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