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Alysa Suleiman
Alysa Suleiman is a high schooler writing as part of The Daily’s Summer Journalism Workshop.

Political student groups gear up for 2020 election

As the presidential election approaches, student groups, such as the Stanford College Republicans (SCR), the Stanford Democrats (Dems), Cardinal For Biden and Stanford Libertarians have been actively campaigning for the presidential candidate they’ve endorsed, despite most of the operations having been moved online.

With love, here’s a pizza my heart

All the effort of kneading and forehead sweating, not to mention the painstaking hours of waiting — all for a small lump of beige-colored dough to inflate into a puffy, smooth balloon — is quickly displaced in a matter of minutes by the rapid slicing and gobbling and inhaling and swallowing of eight grabbing hands and four hungry mouths.
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