Ari Gabriel

Over 50 allegations of sexual misconduct and assault posted to Stanford Missed Connections

The account allows members of the Stanford community to submit anonymous posts to the account’s owner through direct messages, which are then posted on the page. The recent wave of posts marked a departure from the account’s usual more light-hearted content. The owner of the Stanford Missed Connections account wrote on the page’s Instagram story that once they were done posting the posts that they’ve already received, they would help to create a new page that will function as a public forum for the discussion of sexual violence and harassment on campus.

Bernie shall overcome with his folk album

Senator Bernie Sanders’ folk album “We Shall Overcome” is not an act of musical genius. The tracklist of five songs contributes nothing profound or noteworthy to either the medium or the genre of folk music. In fact, Sander’s album is remarkably unkind to the ears but it does provide a musical and easy-to-follow chronology of his personal views early in his political career worth listening to.
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