Kirsten Mettler
Kirsten Mettler '23 writes satire and opinions for the Daily. She is interested in political science, law and justice, and occasionally dabbles in theater.

Eight important Zoom tips

SATIRE: As we adjust to the new Zoom normal, it is more important than ever to be prepared for remote classes. These are some important tips for those making the most of digital Stanford.

‘Boys State’: A film about hope or fear?

“Will this turn into Lord of the Flies, or will it get under control?” said filmmaker Amanda McBaine as she reflected on filming the chaos that is “Boys State.” For the documentary, McBaine and fellow filmmaker Jesse Moss follow a group of high school boys’ participation in the Texas Boys State program, run yearly by…

Revisiting ‘Cars for freshmen in the Stanford bubble’

My opinion piece “Cars for freshmen in the Stanford bubble” created much discussion, including a substantial amount of criticism, in the comments of The Daily and on the Stanford meme page. I am writing this as a response because I hear what the community is saying.  I see how my article came across as insensitive…

Cars for freshmen in the Stanford bubble

Over the past week, I have spent $156.43 on Ubers. I’ve also spent money on Zipcars, trains, buses and delivery. Over and over again, I find myself shelling out money and bending myself backwards to adapt to ridiculous schedules due to transportation constraints.

The future of the major means equality of the major

If saying “social science” gets me an odd look, saying “humanities” is like swearing. On this campus, I don’t love talking about my major prospects. I am planning on studying a combination of political science and English, but bringing that up rarely leads to pleasant conversations. I’ve spent too many nights sitting in my dorm…

5-SURE violates Standards of Excellence, opening table as Tier 1 housing

The Fraternity and Sorority Life Division of Residential Education has found 5-SURE in violation of the Standards of Excellence, sparking disarray on the row. While many students find themselves asking how 5-SURE broke the Standards of Excellence, The Daily has gone to lengths to investigate this decision. Apparently the Standards of Excellence state that all…
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