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Betty He

Let me be your mirror: Brassaï’s ‘Paris de Nuit’

Under Brassaï’s lens, Paris is shrouded with mystery, yet in the darkness of shadows, truths creep out. In the strictly realistic realm of photography, Brassaï expands into the magical space of mirrors. His photography is, in itself, a mirror of society, capturing its most promiscuous aspects; within the photos, mirrors are used to reveal people’s…

Art in Quarantine: Picasso’s Portraits of Francoise Gilot

I came across a series of Picasso’s drawings of his lover, Francoise Gilot, and was riveted by the teeming world of life behind her composed facade. While her face is simply rendered, her hair explodes around it with Medusa’s allure. She is marvelously handsome, with a charming frankness captured by that angular nose. Picasso expertly…
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