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Matthew Turk
Matthew Turk ’24 is a managing editor for The Stanford Daily. He leads the mobile app development team as well and expects to major in computer science. Matthew has participated in several technical and financial internship programs. From January to May 2021, he worked with the frontend development team at Blocklight Analytics in his hometown of Chicago and was the engineering fellow at The Texas Tribune this past summer. His debut novel, An Invincible Summer, went on sale in stores in February. Ask Matthew about astrophysics, football and the automotive industry. Contact him at mturk ‘at’

Fool me once…

Typically, one’s move-in date for college is not readily forgotten, especially when there’s a surging variant of COVID-19 that threatens us all with the prospect of the embarrassing mistake of once again trusting too much in our institution’s promises.

‘We’re just destroying ourselves’: H.R. McMaster courts controversy at SIG event

Former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster promoted a wide range of conservative talking points at a small Stanford in Government event on Wednesday attended by roughly a dozen students. Among his theories, McMaster said that today’s curriculum of “self-loathing” in schools may advance critical race theory (CRT), which he called “a form of racism itself,” and warned of growing terrorist threats in Afghanistan.

Lake Shore Drive: Upper school

Going into high school, I knew the games were over, but I still kept up my charade for as long as possible. I wanted to maintain the illusion that I had a sense of wonder, not that I could take a test, writes Matthew Turk.

Lake Shore Drive: Middle school

When will I ever return to that boy who loved the spirit of learning and living life for the sake of it? Instead of being inclined to spend hours on end building circuits, that’s now something I’d have to force myself to do, writes Matthew Turk.
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